This snake trap was designed by and used by a professional wildlife and snake removal expert in the state of Florida. In five years of testing and re-design, this trap has safely caught and removed hundreds of snakes. Now it's available to the public! Guaranteed the most effective and fairest-priced trap available.

Snake Deterrent

The best snake deterrents are actually preventative measures, such as eliminating yard debris. It's important to understand that there's really no effective product deterrent of snakes. Yes, snakes do have a very good sense of smell, and they smell by flicking their tongues and tasting the air with what is called the Jacobson's Organ. However, there's no smell that will make them turn tail and slither away. Many deterrents are sold, yes, however, in my several years as a wildlife removal professional, I've tested every single one I've ever found available, both for sale online and in stores, and none have worked. A very common snake deterrant sold uses a mixture of napthalene (mothball flakes) and sulphur. Other deterrents use a lot of sulphur, or even other ingredients like animal urine or hot powder. I've tested these extensively, both in the field, often involving snake dens, and with my own pet snakes, and none of them have affected snake movement in the slightest. It's tempting to believe that we can just sprinkle or spray a potion on the ground and that it'll keep snakes at bay, however these products are no more likely to keep snakes away than they are at keeping you away. The only repellent that I've ever tried and which makes any sense, is  
the use of liquid Kingsnake musk. Kingsnakes feed exclusively on other snakes, and thus the scent of a kingsnake may keep certain snakes away. In the photo above, my friend is applying this deterrant. However, it's very rare and expensive, and I don't think it ever worked terribly well. Snake prevention and trapping are really the better options. If you want to buy a snake trap, visit the home page of this website or use the below purchase link.

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