This snake trap was designed by and used by a professional wildlife and snake removal expert in the state of Florida. In five years of testing and re-design, this trap has safely caught and removed hundreds of snakes. Now it's available to the public! Guaranteed the most effective and fairest-priced trap available.

Snake Prevention

Sometimes prevention is the best approach. We offer the following snake prevention tips:
  • Remove excess debris from your yard, such as wood or brush piles - snakes love to hide in these areas.
  • Keep lawn mowed and all vegetation trimmed and cleaned - snakes are drawn to heavier vegetation and cover.
  • Fill in any gaps under sidewalks, concrete slabs or foundations, or rock walls - snakes often den in these areas.
  • Seal any holes or gaps leading into your house or porch, and install weather stripping under doors to keep snakes out.
  • If you're really serious, install a solid fence that extends into the ground (no chain link) around the perimeter of your property.
You can also of course prevent snakes from entering your house or garage, or from roaming free on your property, if you set a few snake traps around your house or the perimeter of your property. The trap will catch them before they have a chance to move freely on your property or into your house.


Click the above button to purchase the snake trap. You will be routed to the checkout, where you can pay via credit card, or Paypal account if you have one. The shipping fee is $4.95 per trap, and each additional trap ships free. Some people purchase multiple traps because they see multiple snakes on the property, and want the maximum protection. Traps ship next-day from Seattle WA, and arrive via USPS Priority mail within 3 days.
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